Donating Cash or Securities

You have several options for financially supporting American Friends and/or its partner organizations. You can use your credit card to give online, send us a check or donate securities.

If you prefer to donate via check, please send your contribution in US funds, drawn on a US bank, to:

American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts
702 Kentucky Street, #663
Bellingham, WA 98225

You may recommend that American Friends use your donation to make a grant to one of our approved partners. Please fill out a Grant Recommendation and send it with your check. (The language in the recommendation is required by the IRS.)

American Friends retains a small portion of each contribution to administer its grant program as outlined in the recommendation form. If you request that American Friends make a grant, please consider designating an additional amount to help American Friends increase its capacity to preserve Canada’s land and water resources.

American Friends can accept tax deductible gifts of securities, allowing you to avoid incurring capital gains taxes associated with selling appreciated stocks or bonds securities. Please contact American Friends for instructions on donating securities. We will provide you with instructions from our broker and the appropriate grant recommendation template for gifts of securities.

Grants can only be made to Canadian land trusts that have been approved as qualified “grantees” by American Friends. (See Our Land Trust Partners for more information.) If your favorite Canadian conservation charity is not yet a grantee, encourage them to apply.

Please contact Sandra Tassel, 360-515-7171, for assistance with your contribution or answers to your questions.