Western Sky Land Trust

Western Sky was created in the fall of 2005 at the request of Calgary region landowners and the general public who were concerned about the rate at which treasured landscapes were being lost.

Forming an alliance with these landowners, and like-mind conservation organizations, private citizens, government and corporate partners, Western Sky began to conserve open space and natural areas in southern Alberta, particularly within the Calgary region.

Western Sky Land Trust works with landowners to tailor a conservation plan to specifically meet their needs. Besides the generous support from landowners and Western Sky’s volunteers, the organization is funded by donations, grants and in-kind contributions from individuals, corporations, government and other not-for-profits.

Outreach Coordinator: Ellen Magidson, emagidson@westernskylandtrust.ca
The City of Calgary, Water Resources, Mail Code #333, PO Box 2100, Stn M, Calgary, AB T2P 2M5